“Mary conducted a fabulous poetry workshop with my 8th graders. Through her personal stories, her knowledgeable writing expertise, and her writing activities, she connected with my students and got them excited about reading and writing poetry. I can’t wait to have her back again!”

Amy Woods, Teacher, Cape Cod Lighthouse Charter School, Harwich, MA

“Mary visited our school for a wonderful poetry workshop with our third, fourth and fifth grade students. Through her personal stories and photos she was able to connect with students right away and get them excited about reading and writing poetry. Mary also showed our students how to bring poetry to life and helped them become illustrators and everyone had a blast creating images to accompany her work. Our students were buzzing all day about their visit and we can’t wait to welcome Mary back to our school soon!” 

Cara Midlige, Literacy Coach at PS 86, Bronx NY

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