Glimpses of Green- a poem about nature in the city

I’m delighted that my poem “Glimpses of Green” is published today in the online children’s poetry journal Tyger Tyger, based in the UK. What I love about Tyger Tyger is that it is aimed at children and teachers– giving educators (and anyone who cares for children and loves poetry!) free access to high-quality poems. I wrote “Glimpses of Green” in response to their call for submissions for the “outdoors” theme, and I had fun remembering that even city kids can savor and notice signs of the natural world as they go about their day.

“A tree tickles windows next to my bed.”

I recalled running through the grass in Central Park, playing under shade trees in St. James Park in the Bronx, and laughing at the antics of city squirrels.

“In the middle of traffic, buildings, and people,

nature thrives in my city for all to observe.”

You can read “Glimpses of Green” here, and enjoy other wonderful poems about blowing on puffy dandelions, beachcombing, cloud gazing, and more. 

On Fridays, I love taking part in Poetry Friday when I can, where writers share resources about children’s poetry. This week, Margaret Simon hosts the Poetry Friday Roundup today at her blog. Check out the celebration of poetry there today!


  1. Verrena Diane Anderson says:

    Love your poem and the reminders to see nature in the city, too. (It’s not poetry, but the tree tickling the window was a strong reminder to me of the book A Tree Grows in Brooklyn.)

  2. margaretsmn says:

    Thanks for the resource in Tyger, Tyger. Also a place to consider submitting to. Congrats on your poem, such a wonderful student model of a list poem. I love all the different greens found in a city.

    • Thank you, Margaret! I think it was my third time submitting to them, and I was delighted to have my poem accepted. I used it in a first grade classroom recently, and the children had a great time adding some of their “glimpses of green” from their experiences!

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